Welcome to Hotel Enfrente Arte in Ronda

Hotel in Ronda - Enfrente Arte

Welcome to Enfrente Arte in Ronda

Hello reader,

We are the crew of Enfrente Arte, a small hotel and production collective in Ronda, Spain.

The intent of this blog is to share some of the ideas and projects we came up with in the process of redecorating our hotel in the past few months.

Basketball Recycling Art

We’ve been playing around recycling and crafting old items into furniture and decoration accessories. Mostly simple ideas anybody can do at home like turning an old basketball into a bird’s nest or empty wine bottles into bedside lamps.

It took more craftsmanship to weld tables from car tires, or build a waterfall with marbles.

We used the type of items that tends to pile up in basements and garages. Stuff you can’t

Recycling at Enfrente Arte Hotel in Ronda

throw away just yet; skateboards you outgrew, furniture, fancy dress accessories…The kind of garbage-to-be you don’t really have a use for anymore.

We also bought various pieces of design furniture and decorative elements and placed them throughout the premises in combination with the homemade stuff. Most results are functional, a few only decorative. Some of these projects definitely qualify as kitsch, but we love what we came up with…

We hope you do too.

It takes just one click to jump right in!


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  1. Xavier says:

    enfrente Arte is gheel ten onrechte laatste geworden in “Met vier in bed”…. foei VTM!

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