Wine Makers in the Serranía de Ronda

Wine has been made in Ronda and the Serrania since Phoenician and Grecian times, and in fact may have been made by iron age;they have found coins with grapes in the ruins of Acinipo,and peoples before them. It were produced commercially during the Roman era, notably at Acinipo and Arriate, and probably stored in warehouses at Setenil for eventual transport to Rome and the other great cities of the Roman Empire.

Recetly a concerted effort is being made to promote Rondan viticulture, and to this end the Association of Wine Growers in the Serrania de Ronda -Asociación de Viticultores de la Serrania-, a combined grouping of all winemakers in the Serrania has come together to brand the wines of Ronda “Vinos de Ronda”.

Most vintages bottled locally are now available for sale in Ronda’s many bodegas, or at the Wine Museum.

From Enfrente Arte we hope you enjoy them all, because each of them has a special charm or trifle to stand out from the rest, so get ready for an experience full of sensations, where you will visit some of the Serrania de Ronda scenes, and we will be waiting for you to complete your journey to our Hotel Enfrente Arte

As follows, in alphabetical order a list of them :

Bodega Cortijo LosAguilares

Adopting the Integrated Winegrowing Principles, wines from Cortijo Los Aguilares are aged in French Alliers Oak barrels. On 19 hectares, Pinot Noit, Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignan, and Petit Verdot varieties are grown in calcareous clay soil. Their wines are smooth and fruity reds enjoyed for their quality. In August 2009, a 2008 Pinot Noit from Cortijo Los Aguilares won Gold in Le Mundial du Pinot Noit in Switzerland.

Wine tasting and guided tours to both their vineyards and winery are on offer. € 20. (Puente de la Ventilla, Ctra. Ronda a Campillos, Km.5, Ronda-Málaga

Bodega Los Bujeos

This winery is part and parcel of a rural hotel in Ronda known as El Juncal.The  winery owns 4 fields at separate locations and varying heights, which in combination with the different soil types gives Los Bujeos wines a distinctive and complex flavour. Grape varieties grown include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc.. The star of this winery is their Pasos Largos, a red wine . They offer guided tours of the finca, winery, vineyards and the chance to taste their wines. Price available on request. Hotel Bodega El Juncal. Ctra. de Ronda el Burgo, Km 1.

Bodega Cezar

A small boutique winery,Enkvist wines, in the Genal Valley at Gaucín. His owner, originally from Sweden, chose to throw caution to the wind and battle away to produce a top quality red, and a couple of very nice whites, being justly rewarded for his efforts, winning Gold at VinOjén 2008 with his Tempranillo named ‘Sueños’.Their reds, whites and sweet wines have won gold and silver medals in the 2009 Mezquita Awards, CINVE 09 and Iverwine 2009. This winery deserves a visit not just for the chance to savour their taste, but also to enjoy the surrounding scenery. There are a variety of packages on offer, as well as the chance to stay overnight. € 20-89. Only by appointment. Finca Buenavista, Gaucin, Málaga

Bodega Conrad

Founded in 1999 at the foot of the Sierra de las Nieves (Ronda), the Conrad Winery creates wines of superb quality via a viticultural system that respects and works in harmony with nature and the beautiful surrounding landscape  It is one of the more interesting sights on the Ronda-El Burgo road with rows of vines arranged around the imposing red building and the hill behind it. Conrad wines are full of aroma and flavour, and all are aged for 12 months in French Roble Oak barrels. The limestone soils of Bodega Conrad give each wine a strong tannin and mineral taste, a perfect base for a spicy wine with hints of fruit or chocolate.

Bodegas Cuesta La Viña

1.6 hectares of land near Ronda filled with Tempranillo, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir vines. Traditional cultivation is used to produce modern and surprising wines under the label Jorge Bonet. Their rose is particularly impressive. A tour of the winery and wine tasting will set you back € 12. Finca Cuesta la Viña, Ctra. A-2300, Montecorto-Ronda-Malaga


Bodega Descalzos Viejos

Founded in the year 2000, the Bodega is located in the chapel of a 16th century Trinitarian convent, this winery is not just appealing to your taste buds but also easy on the eye. Restored in 2000, the chapel and other buildings have been preserved for future generations to enjoy. Varieties grown include Cabernet Sauvignan, Syrah, Grenache, Petit Verdot, Merlot, and ChardonnayDV+ 2004 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syra and Garnacha), DV 2006 (Syrah, Merlot, Garnacha) and theirChardonnay 2006., and a new planting of Graciano is being developed for future bottling. Descalzos Viejos wines are known for intense, often salty flavours, and are a deep cherry hue. A guided visit and wine tasting in this impressive building only 3 minutes by car from the centre of Ronda comes to € 18-30. Only by appointment. C/ Montes, 40.

Bodega Doña Felisa

Situated on the sandy loam slopes below Acinipo at Chinchilla, an area traditionally known for its vineyards, Doña Felisa wines are made using traditional methods. Grape varieties harvested include Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignan, and Merlot. Doña Felisa wines are never the same from year to year, the 2006 bottle being known for it’s light fruity flavour, whilst the 2005 is much drier and spicierThis family winery has managed to take its Chinchilla wines to far-flung places such as New York, Dublin, London, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong. But that’s not all. Famous chefs are using it in their gastronomic creations. Young and Crianza wines, red wines, rose wines and orujo make up their list of products.The winery also offers tours and tastings, and facilities are available for conferences A guided visit and wine tasting comes to only € 12. C/ Cordel del Puerto al Quejigal, s/n,Ronda

Bodega F. Schatz

A nice winery with only 4,000 vines, offering two wines, 7VIN, a rich ruby red made from the Austrian grape varieties Blaufraenkisch, Blauburgunder, and Zweilt, and Vinana, a Cabernet and Pinot Noir mix recently awarded the guarantee of origin “Vinos de Málaga”. Kieninger’s vinyard operated on ecological principles, with the entire property being surrounded by a pomegranate and quince tree hedge to distract insects away from the grapes. This German winery was the first in Ronda and the first organic winery in the province of Malaga. Amongst its red, white and rose wines ,six in total  A small family winery that respects organic cultivation and artisan producton. Winery tour and winetasting, € 25. Only by appointment. Finca La Sanguijuela, Ctra. MA-449 Setenil-Ronda La Vieja

Bodega Joaquín Fernández

There are two things that make these wines special. They’re both organic, even to the extent of joining the Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica and produced in Ronda.

Wines from Bodega Joaquin Fernández are made in the traditional ‘Igualado’ method of wine fusion, and offer subtle hints of coffee and red fruits. Grape varieties grown include Cabernet Sauvignan, Syrah, Garnacha, and Merlot.. To visit the vineyard, winery and taste their wines (tapa included) you’ll only need to fork out € 11. Finca Los Frutales, Paraje Los Frontones, Ronda

Bodega Kieninger

The Austrian Kieninger family took a chance and brought several Austrian grape varieties with them when they moved to Ronda. The result: a winery producing two delicious organic wines in the Serrania de Ronda mountains: 7 vin and Vinana.

A niche winery with only 4,000 vines, offering 2 wines, 7VIN, a rich ruby red made from the Austrian grape varieties Blaufraenkisch, Blauburgunder, and Zweilt, and Vinana, a Cabernet and Pinot Noir mix recently awarded the guarantee of origin “Vinos de Málaga”. Kieninger’s vinyard operated on ecological principles, with the entire property being surrounded by a pomegranate and quince tree hedge to distract insects away from the grapes Visit and wine tasting, € 50. They also run a rural guesthouse. Huerta Corchero. Los Frontones, 67, Ronda

Bodega Morosanto

Speaking of Bodegas Morosanto are referring to wine producers DO Sierra de Málaga Serrania de Ronda.

The great geotechnical features of the land can clearly be seen in the fact the Morosanto already produced wine between the 1st and 6th centuries, discovered thanks to the study carried out of the ruins found here of a typically Roman villa, with an urban area and another for industry. Wine production can be confirmed in the area, although until now the only evidence was the coins produced by the city of Acinipo, which depict a bunch of grapes

La Bodega Morosanto in Ronda is an estate of about 30 hectares devoted mainly to growing grapes and which also grow olive trees and oaks, they on the mountain that occupies part of the plot.

This is a very old winery no creation and was founded in 2005 and is located on the old Cortijo Morosanto in The Cimada, Ronda (Málaga), at the head of Guadalcobacín River Basin, the foot of the Sierra de las Cumbres and only 10 km. Roman city of Acinipo.

Bodegas Sangre de Ronda

This winery is a project of the Wine Museum of Ronda and aims to reproduce as much as possible some of the wines produced in Ronda’s golden years, the 17th and 18th centuries. Wines being researched include Pajarete, Tormentilla, Solera Cumbre, and Pedro Ximenez.

Only a few metres from the centre of Ronda, the winery offers wine tasting workshops and guided tours of both their winery and vineyards. One of the most popular options for tourists visiting the city of the Tajo, a day of wine tourism in Ronda includes a visit to the Museum of Wine, their winery, the vineyards and the chance to savour their produce. € 40. C/ González Campos, 2

Bodegas Vetas

The Petit Verdot produced by this winery from Arriate is the guilty pleasure of Juan Manuel Vetas Martín. Oenologist and founder of the winery, Vetas Martín had worked for established French and Andalusian wineries before deciding to set up on his own. A hectare of vines that creates award winning wines. A visit to the vineyard, winery and two glasses of wine comes to € 10. Finca El Baco, Camino Nador, Arriate

Bodegas Viloria

The Viloria Winery uses each and every one of its six hectares to create wines under the Lagarejo label.

The nature of our vineyards reflected in the dedicated people who continue along with the founder Manuel Lopez Domingez and jesus Nieto, transmitting the development of great natural wines, as well with passion for their vineyards

The visit, that lasts about an hour, consists in tasting their produce, a tour of the winery and vineyard, as well as helping in the production process of their three wines – their young red, Crianza red and white wine. € 12. Finca Viloria Ctra. Ronda-Acinipo,


Ronda also be released shortly a new “Round Wine Route,” RVR “in the cellars of Spain route. With this new venture, you want to place one of Ronda’s most attractive tourist destinations because “Ronda is also drunk.”
The route was created in 2012 with the aim of bringing together all tourist arguments provides the Ronda wine around the world. The mission … a visit to the region of Ronda is an authentic experience and a feast for the senses, around a legendary heritage, unparalleled scenery and memorable wine culture.

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